Daghestan - hospitable land rich of history and traditions

Daghestan - hospitable land rich of history and traditions

The Republic of Dagestan has rich natural healing and recreational resources, on the basis of which mant resorts and sanatoriums has been created. In Dagestan, there are practically all conditions for the tourism: the sandy shore of the Caspian Sea (saline healing water, fine sand, the swimming season lasts 150 days, 200 days a year are sunny); Caucasus mountains for the development of mountain tourism (trecking, climbing, etc.).

Dagestan can attract tourists with numerous monuments of nature, history and architecture. Monuments of nature are such unique places as the Sary-Kum dune (250 m high, the most unique free-standing dune), Pushkin-Tau mountain (Kayakent district), Karadakh valley (Gunibsky region), Sulaksky canyon, Samursky forest, Khuchensky waterfall, mountain Bazarduzu.

There are many historical and architectural monuments, for example, the Naryn-Kala fortress, Mount Akhulgo (the battle site of Shamil), the village of Kubachi, many museums (the museum of local lore, the art museum, etc.).

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